May 3, 2009

Recording programs that are off the air

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Ian tweeted Friday about a TV show in the UK called Newswipe, unfortunately just a day after the series ended.  Now I know that I can catch up on it using TunerFree MCE but I wanted to make sure that I don’t miss it again – it’s funny, but it’s already gone off the air, so it’s not in the guide.  So I fired out a tweet asking the community on twitter what I could do.

And it turns out that there’s a simple fix, thanks to @datbasejase and @the_ape for suggesting this.  Doing a keyword search it’s still possible to add the show, and next time it comes it on air it’ll be recorded automatically…can a set top box (thinking about a specific popular UK DVR here) do that…no!

Anyway I’ve set it up to record now, and this is how you can too…

How to…

Start Media Center and go to Recorded TV then go to Add recording and you’ll get a screen showing different ways to add a recording, select Keyword
add keyword
Next decide how to track the program down, I’m going to use title since I know the title, but you could use this method to record every program containing the keyword “Wine” if you like your wine.
select keyword type
Next enter the name of the program that you want to catch, “newswipe” in this case and select the Use: “newswipe” button.
enter keyword


Setting the nuances of how exactly the recording will happen is next, including how often to record the show and when to delete it, click Record when done.

configure recording


Finally confirm everything with the Ok button on this screen.

no prog in guide

Now, when you catch the last episode of a great series, you can make sure you don’t miss the first episode of the next series.

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