January 2, 2009

My plan for 2009

Filed under: Personal — Simon May @ 11:39 am

It’s time to plan for next year, time to lay down the goals and kill some bad habits and form good new ones.

Aims for 2009

  • Complete “secret project 1” before August.
  • Plan the wedding, don’t leave it all to D.
  • Finish the house.
  • Become very well known in the Windows Media Center community
  • Complete at least one public speaking engagement.
  • Develop an additional income.
  • Complete “secret project 2” this year.
  • Travel to at least 3 countries.
  • Find a charity to work with, give them time or money or both
  • Get fit, back to 12 st.
  • No Debts only the mortgage.
  • Pass more Beta Exams.

Bad habits to break

  • Stop doing the thing I do that D doesn’t like (will be hard)
  • Watch less non-targeted TV (random TV that I just happen to be watching)
  • Surf whilst watching the TV less, concentrate on D more.

Good habits to make

  • Contact friends more
  • Listen to more music
  • See my parents more
  • Cook more

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