August 18, 2008

Lovin’ the Home Server experience

Filed under: Home automation,Media Center — Simon May @ 5:00 pm

Gotta say I’m really loving the experience of Home Server.  It’s got to be one one the best products MS have put out in years!  It’s so simple, so well thought out.  I’ve got the client “Connector” software installed on both my laptop and Media Center and both have started to do backups.  And that client tells me what’s going on with a little pop up bubble.

windows home server

I’m currently trying to do a MASSIVE backup over WiFi (802.11g) but it’s seriously slow, and it keeps failing.  That’s my WiFi network card though I’m sure that keeps vanishing.  Trouble is I don’t have a CAT5 Patch cable to speed things up!!

I’ve piled on two add-ins so far.  Both from We Got Served (Fantastic resource).  The first is Event Viewer – simple and useful.  The second is Whiist, which lets you add web sites and customise the basic home server web site that you see when you connect remotely.

Here is said server, it’s my old Media Center, an AMD Athlon XP 2100+ with 1.25gb RAM, two disks one 160gb and one 300gb.


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