May 20, 2008

TV on you watch? That’s so 80’s, get it on your phone!

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I’m a real WinMo”phile”, and a massive fan of TV, I’ve been watching what’s being written about the Gigabyte t600 for a while and this article over at msmobiles about the device caught my eye.  image The t600 is a WinMo pro, so that’s one with a touch screen, device that incorporates a whole host of TV recievers for different places around the globe…the UK included with DVB-T support.  msmobiles have managed to test the device in the infamous T5 at Heathrow.  The results look good too.

The spec of the device is the new 520 Marvell processor from Intel, the same as the HTC Touch Diamond, RAM is a little light at 64mb and it’s only got a 2mp camera.  That said, it’s a white device and it looks sweet.

[via: msmobiles, graphic from softpedia]

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