April 1, 2008

CTIA starts…good things happen

Filed under: Mobile,Technology,Windows Mobile — Simon May @ 7:00 pm

Well CTIA has kicked off and msmobiles are reporting that lots of devices have Windows Mobile 6.1 installed, that’s in line with what I heard about the launch dates.  There is a full review of WinMo 6.1 here.  The interesting thing is having played with it it is important…hopefully the carriers won’t be far off in releasing ROM updates.  It’s important because it adds the functionality required to make System Center Mobile Device Manager work.  For enterprises this functionality is a killer feature.  image

From a usability viewpoint there is threaded SMS in 6.1 and PocketIE (PIE) can zoom out, so it’s better for big pages.  And some phone and security enhancements.

Also at CTIA there is news, and this could be a hoax given the date, that Nokia are going to produce a WinMo device – I’d like to see that.

One final note for the day, I agree with Jason on this, we shouldn’t be able to use mobile phones at 30,000 feet….Data would be nice though…but some would probably say getting there with your bags would be nicer!


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