March 31, 2008

Scoble gets in on the FriendFeed action

Filed under: Blogging,Google,Social Networking,Technology,web — Simon May @ 6:42 pm

If you don’t know who Robert Scoble is then you really aren’t listening are you?  Robert Scoble, or the Scobleizer, gets involved in all that’s new and cool on the Web.  Today he’s been over to see the folks at FriendFeed and has announced on his blog that he’ll be redesigning it to revolve around his feed.

FriendFeed, if you don’t know, is a social aggregator…what’s that?  Well these days we use loads of “social” channels share our information.  I for example use this blog, Facebook, twitter, and Google Reader to share with people, you can see my friendfeed here.  So if you want to know what I’m interested in and doing you need to look at all of those to get the picture…if you care.

Scoble has started to use twitter a whole lot more, and he’s doing the same thing as me, short things get a tweet (that’s a twitter message), long things – like this get a post, other items become a shared reader item, and websites get a tag.

I’m going to take the lead from the Scoble and syndicate my FriendFeed through my blog.  Why not.

via Scobleizer (and twitter and friend feed)


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