March 30, 2008

The best phone ever!

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Finally after 18 months with Orange and my Hermes I’ve moved on.  I’ve picked up a touch Dual, a.k.a Niki, a.k.a Touch Plus.  I’ve also moved to T-Mobile to get the best value package, after 5 years with Orange.  I have to say T-Mobile customer services have been superior in every way so far.

So the first thing I do when I get a new device is get it set up right.  That means getting extra software on to it to make it work just right.  The two best places for that are Modaco and XDA-Developers.

More detail after the jump.

What have loaded so far?  The obvious one is TomTom, but that’s a given really.  This what’s on there so far:

lokemup IE Slow Scroll Fix – by default IE on the phone doesn’t scroll at all right

Schap’s RSS Hub – Great software, I use this to download podcasts on the go

M&M wait cursor skin – makes the wait cursor look nice and slick

inigma barcode reader – reads barcodes, like the logo for this site

PPCSoft psShutXP – Nice on screen way to shutdown the phone

Oxios Memory – Lets you reclaim memory from leaky apps.

Gmobile Sync – lets me sync my calendar to my google cal

moBlog – nice little mobile blogging tool

FindMe – Updates my Facebook status with locations that I’ve told it about

Google Maps and Search – rather obvious

Windows Live – to sync my hotmail and to use messenger

Ionwerks SlideActions – now this one is fantastic, it adds actions to the slide action – something that should have been there in the first place, now I can hang up by sliding close and lock by sliding closed.

Q Inbox Extender – Adds “mark all as read” and “Delete all” options to mail boxes

Modaco Touch Dual “a” to “c” fix – fixes a really annoying bug, the XT9 keeps defaulting to c instead of the far more useful a, so you get sentences like “I would like to see c movie”!!!

TCPMP – Great media player for the phone

s2u2 by A_C – great locking software, makes it look like an iPhone in that respect – he’s got a great new project s2p, slide to play – looks great, won’t work on the Dual yet.

PointUi – Great UI!


So far I’m loving the phone, it’s actually a phone!  I’ll post a usability review in about a week.


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  1. How do you find the processor on the phone? Is it speedy and responsive?

    Comment by Vik — April 6, 2008 @ 4:54 am | Reply

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