March 9, 2008

HomeEasy gets PC Control

Filed under: Technology,Uncategorized — Simon May @ 4:56 pm

Very encouraging to see that this is now possible. If you know me you’ll know that I’m redoing the house at the moment, and that as a Geek I’m building some removable automation into the place. Currently we have two things in place, firstly I’ve used a HomeEasy PIR and lamp plug in to control the light in our downstairs hallway. It’s great, I never forget (or get told of my the missus for forgetting) to turn off the downstairs light.

Second, I have a Varilight IR remote controlled light switch from TLC Direct in use that allows me to Dim the light in the temporary lounge using the Media Center remote control. Again, really great.

Whats cool though is that this post on Automated Home has just informed me that it’s going to be possible to use xPL Monkey which has all the deets and transmitter from these guys to control stuff remotely. I love this, and it’s going to integrate well. I’m adding it to my TechPurchases list!

Offtopic: HATE the B&Q website, it’s so hard to use!!!


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